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The Challenges of Edibles Packaging

Edibles are some of the most unique and interesting products to market in the cannabis space. There are so many different types of food-based THC products you can make, and their appeal is clearly apparent. MJBizDaily explains that “Edibles increased their market share from 10.65% in 2019 to 11.07% in 2020 – that performance meant that edibles outperformed the total cannabis market, which grew a hefty 54% last year”. Whether the customer wants a discrete consumption method, enjoys the effects more than other consumption methods, or just wants to try something new; there is a massive consumer segment interested in edibles. Therefore, it is important to ensure you have the correct edibles packaging.


There are many different guidelines and restrictions involved with packaging edibles. Challenges can arise in a variety of forms which means that it is vital to follow regulations and deliver a quality product to your customers. To dive deeper into the topic, we took a look at the criteria you should be aware of and varying state guidelines.


What Criteria to Look For

There are four main criteria that you should look for when deciding on edibles packaging. These include quality control, finding appropriate packaging, accessibility, and child-proofing or tamper-evident seals.


Quality Control

Quality control is a vital factor because packaging must be able to preserve the freshness of the edible and keep impurities out. By controlling this, you can increase the shelf life and potency of the product. Read more here to learn about why quality control and quality packaging can give your business numerous advantages.


Finding Appropriate Packaging

Determining the right type of packaging is dependent on what type of edibles you are selling. Whether you are looking for; packaging quality is essential. You will want to find superior packaging that will uphold regulations and survive long-term use. In addition, packaging should allow your product to stand out and attract attention. For example, mylar bags offer a wide area of packaging space to really capitalize on your branding and labeling design. They are typically the best choice for larger edibles and food containing cannabis. Tincture bottles are great for oils and THC drops, while plastic syringes are good for items such as RSO.


What about options for environmentally conscious packaging? Recyclable and renewable packaging can be a great avenue to consider. Products such as biodegradable mylar bags and pop-tops reduce the amount of plastic waste you’re contributing to the environment. Not only is this helpful to Mother Earth, investing in eco-friendly packaging can even increase your sales. Some consumer demographics shop specifically for eco-conscious brands, and this can be a great way to market your brand and stand out from competitors.



Accessibility is another important criterion because you want every single one of your customers to be able to open and use your products. If a senior citizen cannot open your packaging, then it is not accessible. All packaging should be tested for accessibility to maintain your customer experience and provide inclusivity to every demographic.


Legal Regulations

In the same essence, edibles packaging should have seals that are tamper-evident and child-proof. If your packaging does not have these features in place, they could be recalled or adversely affect your consumers. By investing in the right packaging, you are preventing legal and financial problems in the future. Another way to prevent these problems is to keep a close eye on the state guidelines that apply to your business.


State Guidelines

Regulations for the way you can market your brand, design your packaging, and sell your product differ depending on the state you’re in. For example, in Arizona, you can’t market edibles the same way you would most food brands. Packaging can’t look too fun, be too cartoony, or look like your typical candy packaging. This is because the state wants to ensure that children do not mistake edibles for real food. In states such as Oklahoma, the restrictions against cartoon graphics and other branding guidelines are not as harsh. Varying state guidelines and where you plan to take your business in the future need to be considered before fully deciding on packaging and marketing.


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