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Golf and Cannabis: A Perfect Match?

We all know the pleasures of cracking open a cold beer on the golf course, but have you tried lighting up a joint on the green instead? From THC to CBD, there has been increased curiosity about how the effects of these substances can benefit athletes. For example, many PGA Tour players have begun to question the PGA’s policy on keeping cannabis a prohibited substance. Some have even started partnering with CBD brands and promoting its noticeable performance benefits. So, how could cannabis affect your golf game? We took a look at the potential behind both THC and CBD on the course to find out.




What better way is there to find out if THC can help your golf game than by experimenting? A very interesting study was done by those over at Golf Digest where they compared three golfers – a high handicap, a mid handicap, and a low handicap – and tested how marijuana affected their overall golf play. The team tested their performance over varying dosage levels of THC and found that similarly to alcohol; there seems to be a sweet spot.


At 18 milligrams of THC, each of the players in the investigation improved on distance, ⅔ improved on approach accuracy, and ⅔ remained consistent in the number of putts made. Despite this, when the players indulged in more marijuana, performance tended to decrease. “A little bit of marijuana can help to relax muscles and calm nerves, aiding distance and overall tee-to-green performance. Consume in excess of that, however, and focus, energy, hand-eye coordination, and munchies become major impediments.” While consumption preferences are different for everyone, it could be interesting to see what your specific sweet spot is next time you play. It’s possible that taking a hit might just improve your game!




THC isn’t the only substance that can improve your game. CBD is also growing in popularity on the golf course. Are you someone who suffers from anxiety or gets nervous while playing? CBD is proven to help balance your mood and reduce performance anxiety. Not only that but there are even benefits for a golfer’s physical well-being. During golf, the player performs many repetitive movements. Consistently making repetitive moves will play a role in increasing joint inflammation and soreness in the body. CBD can help golfers recover during and post-performance in a variety of ways. These include reducing inflammation and symptoms of chronic pain, speeding muscle recovery, managing pain, and boosting the immune system. After a long day on the fairway, CBD’s natural healing properties can be a helpful addition to one’s routine.


So What’s the Final Verdict?


Whether you’re using CBD or THC, cannabis can benefit you in many different ways on the golf course. It’s up to personal preference to decide which suits you best, but it’s clear to see that cannabis might just become a welcome alternative to drinking on the course.



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