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DIZPOT HIGHlights: Traci Black

Traci Black is the Director of Operations and a vital member here at DIZPOT. Owners John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck believe that she is one of the key reasons why DIZPOT has been able to prosper, grow, and provide exceptional service to our clients at all times. Her knack for leading businesses into prosperity and building organizations from the ground up has proven to help our company repeatedly, regardless of the circumstances. Traci’s success in the industry is a direct result of her background and helped her become an admirable leader at DIZPOT.


Her Background

Before entering the cannabis industry, Traci was heavily involved in business development and management for 25 years. By working one on one with companies in their infancy, she has personally led organizations through phases in which they might not have otherwise flourished. 


Traci started her own business and worked from home before eventually working with Nature’s Medicines for 4 years. While working there, Traci helped grow their operations rapidly: quickly increasing their stores from 2 to 13. When asked about why she decided to bring her talents to the cannabis industry she explained that “I became interested in the industry while growing up in Oregon. I had a lot of friends doing research in cannabis and have personally seen the impact that it can make on people from all walks of life. From recovery for addicts to pain relief for cancer patients; I knew that I wanted to be a part of an industry that helped so many people.”



Traci’s outstanding character and dedication to her career quickly led John and Jeff to bring her onto the DIZPOT team. From the moment she walked through the door, she’s contributed to the success of those under her which led to a tremendous amount of growth. 


Whether it’s our business or the quality of people and professionalism, DIZPOT has continued to see rapid expansion under her leadership. She explains that “Because we’ve made many relationships with companies from their infancies, we are constantly treating every company, with the service they deserve, no matter the size”.


Traci is a staple of the DIZPOT team because she takes care of clients in order to create organic growth and word-of-mouth recommendations. Her support allows us to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and develop long-lasting partnerships with the businesses that we work with. She believes that by continuing to expand our product line and staying on top of our industry, nothing is stopping us from commandeering the entire market.


Being a Team Player

Not only does Traci work hard at her own career, but she also contributes to the success of everyone around her. She stated that the most rewarding part of her job is having the ability to mentor and coach her team in order to bring everyone to the next level. Figuring out how to motivate her team, minimize their weaknesses, and maximize their strengths is truly a passion for her and it shows. But she emphasized that she couldn’t accomplish any of this without an amazing team to back her.


“I feel very fortunate to work whose core values go hand in hand with mine. I am surrounded by amazing people and I am grateful to be a part of a company that prides itself on supporting and cultivating a culture that is accepting of everyone involved.”


John and Jeff also recognize the importance of surrounding yourself with a talented team. This is one of the reasons they are confident in Traci’s abilities to lead DIZPOT in the right direction. Due to the commitment of Traci and her staff, DIZPOT is consistently able to execute Old School Service.


Fun Facts About Traci

When Traci isn’t busy building businesses from the ground up, she is a loving mother of 5 with 3 grandchildren. Whether relaxing seaside or embracing her wild side through skydiving, Traci is an avid nature lover who enjoys everything life has to offer. We’re grateful to have such a capable, fun, and dedicated member on our team.



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