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LEAD TIMES for Custom Packaging from DIZPOT’s Procurement Manager

By Cass Lynn


Here at DIZPOT, we pride ourselves on providing Old School Service to every single one of our wonderful customers. One of our biggest objectives is to ensure customer deadlines are met.

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get that custom packaging idea out of your head and onto the shelf?

The reality is that timelines differ by product, finalized artwork and quantity. Lead time starts when final artwork is approved by the customer and confirmation is sent to us for production.

Paper boxes can take 5-10 days to produce whereas mylar bags can take anywhere from 7-25 days, not including shipping or any prior Creative services. For custom boxes, raw material needs to be cut, printed, and quality checked. Adding foil, embossing, spot UV or flocking is an extra process, usually adding a few days to production versus a basic printed box.

Cass shipyard 2

For mylar bags, it takes about 4-6 days to prepare raw materials, make molds, and create printing plates. Printing may be the shortest part of the entire process, usually allowing the material to be printed in about a day or 2, but the process does not stop there. Our mylar bags are made up of 3 layers, PE/VMPET/PET (for glossy finish) or MOPP (for matte finish). The next step is to composite these materials and allow ink and glue to dry for about 2 days. Bags will then be cut, zippers are applied, and the finished product will be quality checked for any imperfections prior to delivery.

At DIZPOT we stay in great communication with all of our trusted suppliers which allows us to set realistic, educated lead times when estimating projects for our customers. With the ongoing pandemic, rising shipping rates, container and chassis shortages, and constant uncertainty in the world, it is important for our employees and customers alike to understand the processes and time that goes into providing beautiful, high quality packaging.

Our Production Team is trained to keep up on international and domestic shipping updates, product knowledge, and supplier capabilities. Medicinal use products have been flying off dispensary shelves for the entirety of 2020. With adult use looming in many new states, we can only expect run rates to increase, along with the demand for outstanding packaging. Being prepared is the key to keeping your brand up-to-date and on the shelves.


Next time you have that badass idea that you wish to bring to life, DO NOT HESITATE. It’s never too early to pick up the phone and contact DIZPOT directly (602-795-4499) with any questions you have regarding branding and packaging. If you have a deadline that must be reached, our purchasing team will happily work our magic and provide a solution. Let’s make those visions reality. We love a challenge!


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