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Child-Resistant Packaging Only Required at Exit in Arizona

Phoenix, AZ (Dec. 22, 2020) — DIZPOT met with the Arizona Department of Health Services (AZDHS) today and has lobbied on your behalf to make child-resistant (CR) packaging ONLY required at exit. This is a huge win for Arizona dispensaries, processors, and growers, as it now appears rules will only require CR to apply only to exit packaging and not individual product packaging.

DIZPOT’s experience with many commercial marketplaces and discussions with Arizona partners led to our effort to mitigate undue and over-broad regulation. That is why DIZPOT determined that this was the best route for Arizona Cannabis brands – despite the potential earnings we could have accumulated with a CR mandate.

DIZPOT is currently taking pre-orders and is well-positioned to serve the entire Arizona market. Reach out to DIZPOT (602) 795-4499 OR call your representative.

We call Arizona home, and would love the opportunity to produce your CR exit bags based on the following criteria:

We invested over $35,000 in the passage of Proposition 207, substantially more than any other ancillary business.
We lobbied AZDHS on your behalf to accomplish the following: 1) No individual product packaging will require CR mechanisms. 2) The only CR packaging requirement will be at consumer exit from the retail store. 3) Provided expertise regarding delineating edible products with a simple packaging solution (Learn more by setting an appointment with DIZPOT).
DIZPOT has positioned itself to present the lowest pricing for generic & custom CR exit bags.


DIZPOT is a packaging company in Phoenix that specializes in autonomous brand design and custom packaging for the Cannabis industry. Through heavily involvement in the Arizona marijuana and CBD industry, DIZPOT offers information, education, and support to its industry partners. The national reach of DIZPOT extends to all 50 states as the company has worked with over 300 Cannabis brands throughout the United States.

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