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NEW PRODUCT ALERT! Custom Branded Alcohol Wipes

Cleanliness and safety are major priorities in the modern world of today. Alcohol wipes offer cost-effective contamination control that can be used for a number of hygienic purposes. Any surface you share daily — from your bong to hand-held items — can contain millions of dangerous bacteria. Getting your own branded alcohol wipes not only helps reduce transmission rates for all, but also helps with your own brand visibility, customer retention, and cost-effective marketing.

Brand Visibility

Boosting the visibility of your brands via practical promotional items, such as these alcohol wipes, offers a great opportunity to market your services in an unconventional manner. The regularity that alcohol wipes are being used provides the chance for daily impressions with a larger reach. Put your brand in front of customers with a memorable product. The uniqueness of the wipes will increase the chances they share (in-person, socially, etc.) increasing your brand’s visibility.

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DIZPOT Alcohol Pads are a unique way to put your brand out there.

Customer Retention

Customer loyalty goes beyond just great products and services. Most people want a genuine reason as to why they should be purchasing your products or doing business with you. Practical promotional items can give you an industry edge and increase the chance your brand is chosen over the competitors. With daily impressions, your customers are constantly reminded where to replenish all of their Cannabis and head shop needs. Further your exposure by giving these promotional materials to your customers to help develop a stronger bond – and keep them coming back for more!

Cost-Effective Marketing

Many forms of marketing and advertisement can be cost-effective but rarely do they offer brand visibility and customer retention like this. Unique promotional items like alcohol wipes can be handed out all over – by you, and spread by your customers – and offer distribution methods you haven’t even considered. Consider placing these near a register or another high-traffic area to consistently reinforce your brand. The time your wipes sit in dispensaries, smoke shops, offices, or homes only accumulates the number of individuals that are exposed to your brand, prompting conversations surrounding your brand. Avoid wasteful advertisements. Get more bang for your buck. Try marketing your brand using alcohol wipes with this cost-effective solution.

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DIZPOT Alcohol Pads are a unique way to put your brand out there.

Take Action!

Give us a call today (602-795-4499) to get your own custom-branded alcohol wipes. These wipes are a useful tool to promote your brand. Unconventional and practical promotional materials like this give you an industry advantage.

In this age of sanitation, where cleanliness is a top priority, put your brand at the forefront of the discussion. Cost-effective marketing, retaining customers, and brand visibility are major factors for any business, and with some quick and easy promotional alcohol wipes, you can easily grow your market with little effort. Reach out to DIZPOT today to get your own custom-branded wipes or even to request a sample.

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