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WraPure – The Newest Cannabis Care Packaging Brand

From the packaging masterminds at DIZPOT comes a new brand in excellent Cannabis packaging, WraPure.

The launch of WraPure stems from a lack of premier, food-grade packaging for concentrates and flower in the Cannabis industry. We at DIZPOT feel that the medical marijuana patient should be able to put the same level of trust in their Cannabis packaging that they put in food products they buy at their favorite supermarket.

The current WraPure product line includes mylar barrier bags, FEP, PTFE, and Silicone Parchment squares for the packaging of concentrates, with pre-roll cones soon to follow.

DIZPOT is very excited to bring these new WraPure products to the market, but the product we are the most excited for is our new WraPure PTFE lined lid closures for seven-milliliter jars.

The seven-millimeter jar, aka the 7ml, is a favorite for packaging small quantities of concentrates because of its robust construction and its ability to show product very well. 7ml jars come with a plastic lid, which is equipped with a liner for sealability.

The problem with the 7ml jar lid is that the sealing agent is typically Styrofoam, which provides an inadequate airtight seal, and is not ideal when handling cannabis concentrates. Styrofoam is an exceptionally porous material that has a propensity to stick to terpenes, so not only does it speed up the degradation of your product through improper sealing, any product that comes into contact and adheres to a Styrofoam liner becomes contaminated, and therefore unusable.

We at DIZPOT see all these drawbacks as a deal-breaker for Styrofoam lids, drawbacks that could easily be remedied by a PTFE-lined lid. PTFE was accidentally discovered in 1938 during experiments to create a new chlorofluorocarbon cooling agent. It is of a dense molecular weight, and it is quite strong due to its carbon-fluorine bonds. PTFE is known as a hydrophobic material, meaning it cannot be wet by liquid and has a high amount of liquid dispersion due to the high electronegativity of fluorine. PTFE also has one of the lowest coefficients of friction in any solid material. In fact, PTFE is so slippery, it is the only known surface in the world that a gecko cannot cling to!

A PTFE lined lid is a smart choice for packaging concentrates in a 7ml jar because it seals better, your product will not stick to it, and it will help regulate heat and static electricity in transport. But what about after your consumer opens the jar for the first time? PTFE is so unreactive and has such a high melting point, that a patient could dab concentrate directly off a PTFE lid with no danger of contamination or vaporization of any other chemicals. PTFE is also immune from degradation due to its chemical inertness so you can be sure that no matter how long your product is in storage for, the liners will still hold a seal after long periods and will not shrink or swell with changing humidity.

DIZPOT and WraPure believe a PTFE-lined lid will set you apart from the other concentrates on the market and will give your customer a cleaner, purer and more-enjoyable experience once they learn the benefits of your WraPure PTFE-lined lids. Talk to DIZPOT about ordering WraPure products for your dispensary today, and get in the loop on our new line of WraPure products as we roll them out with the DIZPOT newsletter, thanks for reading!

Article Composed By Sawyer Bolger


3 thoughts on “WraPure – The Newest Cannabis Care Packaging Brand”

  1. Hi guys, Magie is currently working on our packaging with you guys for earth extracts, I just wanted to make sure we’ve received sampled of the new Wrapure packaging you released. Thanks!

  2. You all are using some of these at Earth’s Healing already! There will be more to come and we will be sure you all are always among the first to know. See you tomorrow and Saturday!


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