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The Benefits of IML Joint Tubes

IML Joint Tubes

What is an IML Joint Tube?


IML (In-Mould Labelling) Joint Tubes are 90mm and 116mm pop-tops that offer some of the most permanent, accurate, and seamless looking labels for your joint tubes. This technique differs significantly from the standard printed label and gives the customer a wider variety of design options. Utilizing more intricate methods of blow molding, thermoforming, and injection molding, you can create joint tube labels with increased durability. In addition, these joint tubes have cleaner printing and higher quality aesthetics.


Why Are These Better?


Unlike standard joint tubes which only allow for 1 to 2 color prints, the IML printing process gives you endless branding capabilities. With unlimited color combinations, logos, and fonts, the In-Mould Labelling process is the best way to showcase your product.


A method that allows for cleaner and more accurate printing also means that you are saving both time and money when utilizing our IML Joint Tubes. Not only will your product be more visually pleasing, but IML labels also come pre-affixed to the joint tubes. This relieves you of the painstaking process of applying labels to each package, saving you both time and money.


The packaging designs possible for these tubes will allow you to stand out from the crowd and enhance your product’s branding exponentially. These are exceptional for marketing as they allow for printed designs that are not possible with other tubes. These abilities will help your brand to maintain consistency with your other packaging and present an aesthetic product that customers immediately gravitate towards.


Interested in Ordering These Joint Tubes for Your Brand?


Our In-Mould Labelling Joint Tubes are all made in the USA. They are also child-resistant, biodegradable, and ASTM certified. Since these pop tops are produced in the USA, this means our turnaround times are incredibly fast. From the moment you approve artwork to the moment your product arrives at your door, our rapid turnaround time is just 3-4 weeks. This is much faster than the standard joint tubes from China which can take up to 16 weeks for production. Contact DIZPOT to hear more about how you can enhance your brand and achieve higher quality printing for your joint tubes.


DIZPOT is your one-stop shop for custom packaging and branding in the marijuana industry. We have a large stock of items in our warehouse and can also meet your custom needs by delivering exactly what you’re looking for. Request OLD SCHOOL SERVICE today at

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