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May’s Haze – Thanks to our Awesome Customers!

On Friday the 24th of May, DIZPOT had the pleasure of hosting May’s Haze, a Cannabis Industry Networking event. We had a great time and would like to thank our excellent partners and customers for attending this successful event! Over 100 industry professionals were able to participate in this event, along with the DIZPOT team and Something Like Seduction, one of our favorite local bands.

“It’s important for DIZPOT to show our customers that we care by hosting informal gatherings. Live music, good food, and hosted libations are always on the agenda along with great conversation, and even a little business gets done.”

– John Hartsell

Bringing our friends together in this setting, away from the daily stresses helps strengthen our cannabis community in Arizona. One that has grown into a vibrant and robust support system for the patients, entrepreneurs, and employees whose lives are invested in it. With so many moving parts and busy schedules, it seems like finding time to relax and have some fun is becoming less and less of a priority these days. Thankfully, our customers know how to have a good time.

“It’s all about the people enjoying themselves in a fun, relaxed environment

away from the day to day grind.”

– Jeff Scrabeck

This event was made possible by the attendance and contributions of our some of our excellent partners, including American Green, Copia, Desert Valley Testing, ANC, AltMed, MÜV, Desert Bloom, and Desert Rose.

Each of these brands brings a unique contribution to the table, and we appreciate our ability to support, learn from, and connect with them. Some more information about their products is included below:

American Green and OG Zonka

American Green Cultivation specializes in being a single source solution for excellent cannabis products – including flower, rosin, CBD products and more – as well as providing the cannabis infusions for the delicious OG Zonka products. Zonka can be found throughout the Arizona medical market and has plenty of edible products in the works, including chocolate bars, frozen yogurt, “Zonka Zuckers” and infused sodas. American Green has also revolutionized the way customers can purchase age-restricted items; their Smart Kiosk Dispensing system brings a new level of convenience with security! Check out both of their Instagram’s to learn more:@americangreenusa & @highyetfoods¬_


Copia provides infused products that (speaking from experience) can kick up a party! Copia’s founder, Peggy Noonan, was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia in 2017. We are so happy to inform you that she’s healed! But through her hardships came something amazing. Her business resonates with this passion through its gourmet, hand-made, and critically tested products. Copia’s “OGeez!” infused gummies are some of the best tasting and most satisfying gummies on the market. Copia also makes mixtures, tinctures, hard candies, soft melts, peanut butter, and baked goods. Feel free to check out their Instagram, @azcopia to learn more!

Desert Valley Testing

Responsibility and honesty are the standards in the medical industry, and if you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for all the testing, growing, and medical information, Desert Valley Testing is the place to go. With a chemist and support staff made entirely out of women with backgrounds in the subject area, what’s not to love about this company? To operate with transparency and quality, the DVT laboratory is open for tours, audits, and reviews. If you ever have a question about your products potency, chemical makeup, or possible contamination, we wholeheartedly recommend Desert Valley Testing. Shout out to their Instagram @desertvalleytesting!


One of the most beloved and welcoming dispensaries in Arizona, Arizona Natural Concepts is perfect for customers with all levels of experience. With a user-friendly website and a variety of delivery and pickup options, ANC focuses on creating the best possible customer experience. Their budtenders are up to date on the latest cannabis news and science, and their unique ability to do both deli-style and pre-packaged options for cannabis sets them apart. While you’re visiting their dispensary in Cave Creek, be sure to check out their Exhibition Kitchen that showcases their edibles production process. Tell them DIZPOT sent you! Check them out on Instagram @aznaturalconcepts!

AltMed and MÜV

AltMed’s background in pharmaceuticals drives its constant pursuit of precision and consistency. Having a pharmaceutical approach to the cannabis industry has many advantages that contribute to maintaining the composition of each of their products. AltMed and MÜV’s commitment to a complete understanding of cannabis helps customers find the right products for their specific needs, making them one of the most trusted brands in the industry. MÜV’s dedication to purity and honesty makes their brand shine, and DIZPOT is happy to provide them with the packaging to match. You can find them on Instagram @muvphx!

Desert Bloom Releaf

Desert Bloom Releaf dispensary, located in Tucson, is another knowledgeable source for patients. Their friendly and helpful staff make any dispensary visit both easy and enjoyable. Daily specials and fresh products make going to Desert Bloom an exciting trip, every time. Open daily from 7am-10pm, Desert Bloom is readily available to service any of your medical needs. You can find them on Instagram @desertbloom520

Desert Rose

With a strong focus in customer care, the kind people at Desert Rose are known for providing excellent patient services of all kinds. Their variety of deals and products make them a one-stop shop for a variety of customer needs. Conveniently located in North Phoenix, Desert Rose is a truly a customer-oriented dispensary. They frequently engage in community events like Toys for Tots and promotional dispensary sales. Their commitment to quality and affordability attests to their integrity and honesty as a company. Check them out on Instagram @desertrose_phoenix!

We hope everyone who made it out to May’s Haze had as much fun as we did and be sure to be on the lookout for DIZPOT’s next gathering in July – good times await!

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