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Gorilla Blue, the Glue That Held DIZPOT Together

After 3 successful years, our beloved Gorilla Blue has been retired from service. Since the beginning, this van has been with DIZPOT and represents a special time in our company’s history. From delivering pop tops to picking up orders, our big blue van was an infamous fixture in DIZPOT culture. To honor its history, we took some time to speak with members of our staff about their fondest memories of Gorilla Blue and what this important vehicle meant to them throughout their DIZPOT careers.


John Hartsell


“We named the van to honor a favorite strain and the history of the van. As a former Sears Service van, it came blue and some of our team at the time were enamored with Gorilla Glue #4. Gorilla Blue was a trusted part of our DIZPOT family for over 3 years and while we are sad to see it go, our new vans will serve our needs and that of our customers more efficiently and effectively.”


Jeff Scrabeck


“We had many great times with Gorilla Blue but my favorite memory happened when the van was strangely out of gas one day. Upon further review, we discovered that Tweakers had removed a copper fuel feed line and stole our gas.”


Marcie Emery


“I’m not sure everyone understood where we got the name (Gorilla Glue), but everyone at the dispensaries loved seeing the blue van. It was fun to be greeted with so many smiles when we pulled up. We had a lot of memories with Gorilla Blue, even including getting rear-ended once! The van was a rough ride and lost AC every summer but I am going to miss her.”


Larry Jansen


“Gorilla Blue was DIZPOT’s trusty steed through it all, from our humble beginnings to our exciting future. Blue will be missed, and we will miss seeing it at all of our client’s locations.”



Even though Gorilla Blue is gone, our trusty van will not soon be forgotten. We look forward to making new memories and finding a van with just as much character in the future.


R.I.P Gorilla Blue!


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