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DIZPOT’s New Office in China

Our Office in Shenzhen, China

DIZPOT is pleased to announce this week marks the opening of our satellite office in Shenzhen, China. With this new location, DIZPOT will have increased visibility of our international manufacturing partners, improve quality control, and improved efficiency.  DIZPOT’s new Shenzhen office enhances our ability to source the highest quality, most cost-effective solutions for our clients. This is an exciting new development for DIZPOT and the brands we serve.

Where we’ve been

From inception, DIZPOT has maintained focus on developing strong relationships with customers and providers and our company competes well against both Cannabis-facing and traditional packaging companies. DIZPOT started with just one advantage – relentless and unwavering accountability and attention to fine detail. The opening of our office in China is indicative of DIZPOT’s continued evolution from 800 square feet, two guys and a computer to one with the domestic and international resources comparable to our global competitors. DIZPOT maintains the values that it started with, and through these deep roots, our team has developed into a responsible and sustainable resource to the World’s Cannabis industry.

Where we are

With customers in 15 legal markets across the country and both Mexico and Canada, the news of DIZPOT’s accountability and streamlined processes is spreading far and wide. Our experience working with a variety of customers has produced a broad collection of simple and elegant packaging designs. DIZPOT’s main goal is to help Cannabis brands professionally stand out with premium design experience and innovative packaging solutions.

Where we’re going

Moving forward, DIZPOT is excited to continue setting industry packaging standards, while staying up to date with state laws and cannabis trends. These include seasonal products, including pop-top sleeves, promotional sticker sets, unique box and bag designs, and redefining traditional child resistant and compliant packaging. We are also proud to announce that DIZPOT will soon offer environmentally sustainable packaging solutions such as hemp plastics and recycled materials.

Our Pitch

We at DIZPOT are adept problem solvers. It is our job to find you the best possible packaging solutions. As a DIZPOT customer, you become one of our cared for partners. You hold the highest value to us as a company, and we work to prove this to you daily. We will build a lasting relationship with your brand by implementing our three driving principles: Old School Service, No Hesitation, and The Golden Rule.

Old School Service

“Growing up in the Midwest and Southeast our families operated farms, called auctions, and owned implement shops. We dealt with customers in every facet of our business lives. And, the customer was always right, we picked up the phone when it rang and made it right when things went wrong. Old School Service is our culture at DIZPOT because it was our culture growing up.”

– Jeff Scrabeck & John Hartsell – Owner Operators at DIZPOT

No Hesitation

At DIZPOT, our goal is to help our customers get their products to the market as efficiently as possible with a brand that stands out. That’s why our team will “Not hesitate” to move projects quickly through the process with attention to details. Snags along the way are typical and through our No Hesitation policy, they are caught quickly and met with solutions. DIZPOT customers always get our attention completely through the process of every project.

The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would them do to you

Our small business at DIZPOT is navigating the same business world that our customers exist in and we understand the pains of bad partnerships. That’s why we simply operate to provide excellent service and awesome experiences with our team that we strive to receive from our vendors and manufacturing partners. In all the business we do, it is our rule to operate with efficiency, quality communication, and to deliver high-quality products.

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