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DIZPOT Quick Hits 7/5/2019

Nurses accidentally get high after grandfather brings ‘thank you’ cake laced with cannabis

Man unknowingly gifts an edible to a hospital nurse staff. Reportedly left over from his grandson’s birthday party. The cake didn’t cause any harm, but apparently, the staff is getting some new information on how to receive edible gifts.

Cease-And-Desist Order Issued To Pennsylvania Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor

AGRiMED is under scrutiny for security and continuity issues, a stiff reminder about how great power comes with great responsibility (shout out Spider-Man). Check out this article for the details on this order, and how you can avoid one in the future.

Meet the Women Leading America’s CBD Wellness Revolution

The CBD world is allowing many people to excel, and these two women are taking this opportunity in stride with their new book Cannabis and CBD. Their new book explains almost anything you would like to know about the history, uses, studies, botany, and science of cannabis.

Colorado Governor Launches Online Tool To Track Marijuana Accomplishments

Colorado’s Governor has put up a scoreboard to track the growth and goals of the cannabis industry. This transparency and support that the government of Colorado has for its marijuana is encouraging. Colorado isn’t just allowing the industry to happen; it’s facilitating and encouraging its growth!

Key Canadian House Committee Recommends Decriminalizing All Drugs

Drug use in Canada has been referred to as a crisis by prominent politicians, and some are looking to decriminalization to relieve the stigma of addiction. The Idea comes from Portugal, where similar laws are action.

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