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Burnt Out Prepping for 420? Be Ready for 710 with DIZPOT!

Burnt Out Prepping for 420? Be Ready for 710 with DIZPOT!

We’ve all heard of 4/20, but 7/10 is also a significant cannabis-themed holiday! For those of you who don’t know what 710 is, flip your phone or computer upside down right now…wow…it looks like OIL!

Okay, but seriously, how is it already April? 4/20 is right around the corner – dispensaries are doing last-minute preparations and patients are more than ready to celebrate! Dispensary workers, if you’re feeling a bit stressed about managing all the logistics for the big day, we get it. Here’s some friendly advice: start planning earlier next year!

All jokes aside, we here at DIZPOT want to do everything we can to help you plan for 7/10 so that you won’t feel as stressed in July! As your local, one-stop-shop for all dispensary needs, we provide anything from cannabis packaging to logo design, to even brand development. You tell us what you want packaged, and we will find a way to present it in a nuanced and branded way that will give your patients a lasting impression.

So, how can you stand out amongst your competitors for these big sale days? Most dispensaries know to advertise through social media, billboards, email newsletters, and mass texts, but advertising directly on the actual product is one of the best ways to create lasting connections with patients who already enjoy your product(s).

Start promoting deals on your packaged merchandise in June to generate excitement, such as “Come see us on 7/10 for these deals!” Promotional packaging is better than a mass text because you won’t have to work around character limits or blocked phrases, and it’s a more direct approach than emails, billboards or social media. Not to mention you would be marketing directly to your current customer base, A.K.A. your prospective 7/10 customers!

Now you’re probably thinking, yes that’s great and all, but I don’t have the time to design new packages to promote 7/10 deals! That’s where DIZPOT comes in! We will work with you to ensure your promotions are printed professionally on relevant products, such as dab mats, exit bags, or any stickers you choose. We specialize in all kinds of concentrate packaging and are always open to new ideas, so we will also work with you to create custom packaging for any of your special event needs.

For newer brands who may not have as much of a following, we can help you too! We provide graphic design services, as well as brand consultations to assist with developing a memorable and professional product. If you have new merchandise to debut for 7/10, we will help you wow your customers with unique packaging design, specifically for the big day. Our creative solutions combined with our “Old School Customer Service” will ensure that we meet your distinct needs.

In conclusion, we hope you greatly enjoy 4/20 and all its festivities! Dispensaries, we’re here for your immediate needs, whatever they may be. If you’ve already started planning for 7/10, then you’re on the ball! We can help finalize promos, last-minute design changes, and more! If you require a BIT more assistance than that, contact us as soon as possible, so we can create the best plan to promote your 7/10 deals. DIZPOT is your local AZ source for any cannabis packaging needs, whether they be promotional for specific events, or general for everyday use!

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