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A Letter to the Editor of Hemp News from John Hartsell, owner of DIZPOT.

Letter to the Editor
John Hartsell

The Green Rush is over?  Middle America says otherwise.

Founder of the Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, Cheryl Shuman recently proclaimed that “the Green Rush will be over” and that only consolidation lies ahead. Shuman has made a name for herself influencing high-stakes investments in the California Cannabis industry’s conglomerates, which stand to gain significantly by pinning the industry down through consolidation.  And while the well-established, mature Cannabis industry of California might be ripe for an increase in corporate expansion, the Green Rush is alive and well in Middle America and other markets.

Much like the Gold Rush, which drove an American population to the West through Middle America, the Green Rush will drive similar economic prosperity back through those same channels to the East Coast.  

Middle America is the Cannabis frontier.  The California market might be prohibitively saturated, but the American Midwest requires the nimble nature of small-business entrepreneurialism.  New legislation commercializing legal medical and adult use marketplaces require residency for licensure and guarantee a local, small-business-framed ownership structure.  To take a lesson from what has transpired in western states, a conservative estimate might be three to four years of maturing in the Midwest and some East Coast markets before consolidation envelops the industry.

Sure, for the markets of California, Colorado, and other western states, consolidation could be the answer.  The Green Rush is most certainly alive and well and heavily dependent on startup and small-business entrepreneurs.

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