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Cannabis Packaging Expert Tips for a Successful Holiday Season 

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Cannabis Packaging Expert Tips for a Successful Holiday Season 


While summer may still be in full swing, it’s never too early for your business to start preparing for holiday sales—which means planning for your seasonal packaging needs. 


While the cannabis industry continues to grow and flourish, recent research indicates the growth comes at a time when the sector is impacted by supply chain issues


As a leading national packaging provider for the cannabis industry, our team at DIZPOT has navigated five busy holiday seasons successfully (including last year, which was heavily impacted by supply chain issues). The best way to ensure your business is prepared for this upcoming holiday season is to plan packaging ahead of time. 


Plan Holiday Packaging Now 


Even though it’s still triple digits outside, now is the time to strategize for the holiday sales season. Production lead times vary on different types of shipping. Standard shipping (sea) is 12-14 weeks, expedited shipping (air) takes roughly 7-9 weeks and rush shipping (DHL) arrives in about 4-6 weeks. Our experienced procurement team will estimate shipping costs and track packaging while communicating closely with you. Our best tip is to look at last year’s sales and use them to determine your holiday inventory needs ahead of time. We recommend factoring in 3-4 months of your current run rates and adding in about 2% to give your supply some “wiggle room.” It’s better to have too much than not enough. 


At DIZPOT, supply chain issues aren’t new terrain for us. We help your business streamline packaging and logistics by providing integrated services to guarantee a successful holiday season. This includes compliance-driven branding and logo design, cannabis and hemp-specific packaging, 3PL (third-party logistics), creative subscription plans, industry-targeted technologies, and in-house DOSS cartridge solutions. When you work with our knowledgeable sales team, we help you strategize effective and efficient solutions for every season. 


Think Outside of the Holiday Box 


When it comes to holidays, we of course think of the traditional ones – Christmas, Hannukah, etc. But you can amplify the impact of your holiday marketing year-round by developing limited-edition items around  cannabis themed holidays. Some busy packaging dates and our top holidays to be prepared for in the coming months, include:


  • The Friday Before Labor Day (Sept. 3)
  • Green Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving (Nov. 24)
  • 11/30 (4/20 + 7/10) (Nov. 30)  
  • The Thursday Before Christmas (Dec. 23)                                                                         


You can be prepared for these by always having a surplus of your best-selling items on hand. 


Let DIZPOT Be Your Holiday Helper


As a veteran, leading packaging provider for the cannabis industry, contact us today at 602-795-4495 to work with our experienced sales team to help you plan for this holiday season—and all the fun themed holidays year-round. We will estimate shipping costs and track packaging for you, while staying in constant communication. When it comes to the best holiday season, give yourself the gift of planning ahead with our experts at DIZPOT. 


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